InteliClear Highlights

InteliClear was developed to provide an efficient trade processing lifecycle. Its architecture incorporates years of technology expertise and operations know-how making InteliClear a truly unique clearance and settlement system.

InteliClear Highlights

Instantaneous trade processing and updating of all records.
As entries are entered into InteliClear, the entire update process occurs, in real time.
No delayed postings that can cause anomalies and slow end of day processing.

Transaction based design incorporates all data into one efficient stream.
Stored procedures and triggers update pertinent tables based on entry type.
Redundant data and inefficient data management methods have been eliminated.

Contemporary business workflow model.
Based on the brokerage business as it exists today, not how it was when your
grandfather first strapped on a visor to pencil-in his ledger items!

Powerful account structure designed specifically for the brokerage industry.
Suitable for all levels of inquiry: Correspondent, Office, Account, Account Type,
Rep/Desk Manager. Password permissions and functionality access granted through
intuitive administrative screens.

Seamless integration/synchronization with DAT and OMS
trading applications (STP model).

Ability to accept feeds from any trade origin, at any desired time slice. Intra-day entry of
trades allows for a complete picture of all accounts, while eliminating end of day
surprises (accounts or securities not on file) that have historically caused delays to end
of day processing schedules.

T+1, T+0 ready.
Instantaneous updating of all data means ability to interface with any entity on their
own terms.

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To find out more about why InteliClear may be the right system for you,
please email idonate.ie.visa@gmail.com