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Savings highlights of InteliClear

Considerable savings can be
realized through use of InteliClear


    Savings Highlights

• Fixed/flat fee site licensing.
InteliClear is licensed on a ‘per firm’ basis, with flat fees that are based on the system functionality being provided. Installed on your site, on your equipment, operated by your own personnel.

• Reduced systems costs due to ‘right sized’ hardware/software and the elimination of peripheral data ‘clutter’.
Designed to run on basic server technology, utilizing RDBMS software, allows for a cost effective environment. The efficient use of data, which has greatly reduced the amount of redundancies that is usually a by-product of brokerage systems, means there is less data to archive. This leads to less costly storage hardware needs.

• Streamlined workflow and exception reporting requires less clerical personnel.
With its ad hoc reporting capabilities, real time exception processing and data export functionality, less personnel can get more accomplished.

• Little or no development personnel required, core maintenance handled by InteliClear.
A monthly maintenance fee ensures you will always be up to date will all regulatory requirements. Should you need customized applications, InteliClear can provide additional development on a time and materials, or per project, basis.

• Access to database allows your own staff to create ad hoc reports and queries using readily available products.
The database resides on your own hardware, so many new functions or one time requests can be handled by your in-house staff using any number of reliable software products on the market (if not already owned by your firm!).

• Instantaneous processing reduces amount of time between error, error discovery and error correction.
Since all entries impact all aspects of the system in real time, there is more time for staff to notice problems and resolve them on the same day, unlike many systems where errors are not evident until the end of day batch process has been completed the next day.

• “Straight-Through-Processing” capabilities eliminate redundant handling of data, decreasing chance of manual errors.
Easy integration with trading applications allows for the seamless passage of data between systems. Customized reconciliation ensures all systems are in balance.

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To find out more about why InteliClear may be the right system for you,
please call (860) 866 4300 or email sales@inteliclear.com