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Introducing Broker exploring self-clearing

Clearance costs have come down in recent years, but so have your profit margins. By continuing with the status quo, you may be able to keep your head above water. Then again, you may be swept under by an unexpected current.

If you feel that your business might benefit from a switch to a self-clearing setting, but are either reluctant to dive in head first, or perhaps you just need time to get all compliance and operational ducks in a row, InteliClear has the perfect solution.

By interfacing with your existing Clearing Firm and providing added value to your non-clearing environment, InteliClear creates a safe migration path towards self-clearing. Plus, maybe you are not that happy with all of your customer and trade data residing within someone elses firm. InteliClear allows you to begin the preparation for a move to self-clearing without actually pulling the trigger. Once InteliClear is integrated with your existing Clearing Firm, you can then make your move to self-clearing at your leisure, with InteliClear either becoming your new clearing system, or smoothing the transition as you self-clear using a different system of your choosing.

Other options:

Im happy as an Introducing Broker at my present Clearing Firm

Id like to remain an Introducing Broker, but am always open to changing Clearing Firms.

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To find out more about why InteliClear may be the right system for you,
please email idonate.ie.visa@gmail.com