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Introducing Broker with possibility of changing present clearing firm

Your Clearing Firm may be a great firm, and your relationship with them couldn’t be better. But Clearing firms have been known to change almost overnight due to events that are beyond your control (takeovers, management changes, rate increases, etc), and that is why keeping your options open is always a wise idea in this industry.

InteliClear is a system that can provide added value to your firm whether you ever change clearing firms or stay with your present provider forever. By sitting between you and your Clearing Firm, InteliClear creates a middle office system that will increase your firm’s productivity and customer service capabilities, while at the same time creating a ‘buffer zone’ between you and your Clearing Firm. This buffer zone can allow your firm to seamlessly switch clearers, since the interface to your new Clearing Firm would be managed through InteliClear.

Other options:

I’m happy as an Introducing Broker at my present Clearing Firm

I would like to explore self-clearing

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To find out more about why InteliClear may be the right system for you,
please email sales@InteliClear.com or call (860)-866-4299