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Introducing Broker with same clearing firm

Your Clearing Firm is doing a great job clearing and settling your trades. They’re also charging you very competitive clearance and interest rates, and they provide you with enough intraday leverage – probably more than you could affordably provide on your own. So the thought of ever leaving them or going self-clearing is the furthest thing from your mind.

Yet there are some nagging issues regarding your Clearing Firm that you wish would go away, but you know they probably never will.

For instance, the application your clients use to access their account data is cumbersome to navigate and not updated often enough. Your in-house staff are not as productive as you’d like, mainly because research is a chore thanks to the inflexible retrieval methods made available to you. And to top it all off, your Clearing Firm downloads so much raw data to you each day, that you have a full time IT staff, expensive computers and your storage requirements are growing exponentially.

As illustrated in the two examples below, InteliClear can sit between you and your Clearing Firm to improve the presentation of your data to you clients and staff, while creating an efficient data storage and retrieval application that can reduce your reliance on ad-hoc programs and expensive storage solutions.

InteliClear will import the daily downloads from your Clearing Firm, and provide a browser based user interface that will enable your clients and your staff to access information in a fast and easy manner.

InteliClear will reconcile all information between its records and your Clearing Firm, and by virtue of its efficient data usage/storage methodology, can reduce your IT requirements (potentially both staff and hardware/software costs).

Some Clearing Firms offer lower clearance rates for Introducing Brokers who wish to assume a greater processing role. Since InteliClear is, at its core, a full back office system, any level of functionality that you desire Inteliclear to perform, can be accommodated.

In order to take advantage of InteliClear’s real time processing capabilities, your trading systems can pass trades, in real time, to InteliClear. Instantaneous updates to all relevant customer and firm data is then ready to be displayed through IntleiClear’s user interface, providing an added value that will increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Other options:

I’d like to remain an Introducing Broker, but am always open to changing Clearing Firms.

I would like to explore self-clearing

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To find out more about why InteliClear may be the right system for you,
please email idonate.ie.visa@gmail.com