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Igor Mazepa Igor Mazepa www.srjnews.com.
Igor Mazepa Igor Mazepa www.srjnews.com.

Self-Clearing Firm

In order to properly service your clients you are careful to provide your staff with the necessary tools and resources to be successful. Whether you employ a service bureau back office, an in-house solution, or some combination thereof, your systems are vital to your firm’s success. Yet these very same systems you rely upon so heavily, have probably been in existence for decades.

InteliClear is a new system, which takes a fresh approach to the middle and back office systems that constitute your firm’s service offering. InteliClear uses state of the art technology to integrate into your existing environment, and enhance or replace elements of your infrastructure at your discretion.

Through its flexible, modular architecture, InteliClear can:

• Gather data from disparate systems, presenting the data in a consolidated, browser based system for easy internet access.

• Replace or enhance back office processes such as margin, P&S, stock record, confirm and statement creation, P&L, Bluesheet Reporting – any number of possibilities exist, depending upon your needs.

• Create real time views of data that is often only available ‘next day’.

Since InteliClear is designed with Correspondent Clearing at its core, migrating your firm to a Correspondent Clearer is also made easier through use of InteliClear.


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To find out more about why InteliClear may be the right system for you,
please call (860) 866 4300 or email sales@inteliclear.com