Technology highlights of InteliClear

InteliClear’s design has eliminated redundancies and inefficiencies common to other systems. It is able to handle any volume, scaleable up to high-end servers for firms processing hundreds of thousands of trades per day.

    Technology Highlights

• Browser Based.

Users view the system through a true web developed application, over your private intranet or the public internet (depending on your infrastructure and preferences). Browser based accessibility provides more flexible business recovery alternatives while also promotes the virtual office model that allows more work to be accomplished outside of the physical office.

• Scalable
No trade volume is too large or small to take advantage of the design.
InteliClear can run from a basic desktop PC on up through to the largest Unix servers -- whatever firepower your volume and client access requirements dictate.

• SQL Server or Sybase Database.
Adaptable to either of these highly used Wall St. database products.

• Windows OS or Unix.
Whichever your preference, InteliClear works in either of these most popular Wall St operating environments.

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To find out more about why InteliClear may be the right system for you,
please email idonate.ie.visa@gmail.com