InteliClear’s Post Trade Solutions (PTS) provides turnkey and custom software for middle and back office operations. PTS can resolve any problem by importing trades and transactions utilizing the highly efficient transaction processing engine initially designed by InteliClear for its full clearance and settlement system. The processing engine is built upon an efficient relational database specifically designed for real-time, high volume, multi-currency functionality. All data elements are updated concurrently at transaction entry, thus making risk and interfaces with other systems more effective.

PTS offers full Clearance and Settlement for retail, institutional and proprietary clients. PTS’ modular offerings include almost any subset of its full functionality. Transaction Processing (trade compression, trade reconciliation, fee/commission calculations, billing), Cost Basis Accounting integrated with P&L and ACAT/CBRS,  Margin (reg T, day trader, portfolio, option optimization), Custody Processing (position management/aggregation, position reconciliation), Corporate Actions, Regulatory Reporting and Year End Tax Reporting can easily be incorporated into any existing workflow infrastructure. We understand that each firm has different methods and preferences for their processing requirements. We thus conform to your needs rather than forcing you to adjust to formats and workflows that were designed for someone else.  

PTS is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Unlike typical service bureaus, each client’s data and processing code resides as a separate and distinct database instance for that client’s environment. There is no sharing of master data files and no reliance on any other client for processing schedules.


Instantaneously Updated Applications

Customer Accounting:
Stock Record
General Ledger
New Accounts
Tax Lot/IRS Reporting
Parent/Sub Accounting
Correspondent Accounting

Margin Accounting
Initial (SMA), House and Exchange requirements
Day trading 
Portfolio Margin
Option optimization
Credit analysis
“What If” scenarios

Broker/Street-side Processing:
Purchase and Sales
Fluid Segregation
Corporate Actions
Institutional Delivery

Risk Analysis/’What If’ Scenarios
Short Reporting
Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)

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